Folegandros Villages


Agali is the newest settlement of the island and it is mainly a summer one. Agali Beach is the easiest to access, and being on the South side it is protected from Northern winds. The visitor can find restaurants, cafés, rooms to let and hotels. On both sides of Agali there are a few other beaches: Fira, to the left handside, Galyfos, Aghios Nikolaos and Livadaki, to the right. Some of them are close and easy to reach on foot, and others can be reached by boat, departing regularly from the small dock of Agali.


Leaving Hora, heading West, you find the second big settlement, Ano Meria. It is the rural settlement of the island. Its charactristic buildings, the so called “themonies”, were built on the windy and arid zone of the island and are self-sufficient units, scattered on both sides of the main road.


Going up the main road from the port, at a 3 km distance, you find Hora, the biggest settlement and capital of the island. Consecutive squares, the Kastro, and well-preserved stone paved streets rank Hora among the best of Cyclades. Arriving at Hora we see the Kastro, a medieval settlement built to protect locals from enemy assaults.

The settlement that was gradually developped outside the Kastro used to be called Village, and later on the two of them formed Hora. Hora’s main feature is the squares that lay one after another. The first one is called Pounta. After comes Dounavis, Kontarinis Square, Piatsa, and Maraki Squares.


Karavostasis is the island’s port and one of two seaside settlments. Recommended to those who prefer the quiet and relaxed life of a traditional small port village with easy access to beaches (5 minutes). From Karavostasis you can see the sunrise, nearby Sikinos and several rocky islets. Also, the boats for the island’s tour and Katergo beach depart from the port.


The other two rural settlements of the island. Livadi is just a 5-minute drive from Karavostasis. There are several famrhouses and a good deal of cultivated land since the area is among the most fertile ones. Livadi Beach is considered among the best.
Petousis can be reached from Hora in 15 minutes by car. It consists of a few farmhouses.