Daily excursions

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The island tour of Folegandros by boat is the only chance to swim in five different beaches in one day. These beaches are difficult to access by foot and in many cases only by boat. The tour boat leaves from the port in the morning, takes six hours to complete returning early evening. We run three different routes, North side, South side, but normally weather permitting a full round trip. Whichever route takes the amount of stops and length of the tour remain the same.
North TourThis gives you the chance to see the famous cave “Chrisospilia” from the boat and take some photographs. Unfortunately, entrance into the cave is forbidden. Carrying on the tour you will be able to swim in the crystal clear waters of five different beaches and small magic bays! A light homemade lunch is served at the 3rd stop followed by serving of fresh mouth watering fruit for every passenger.Before returning to the port you will also be served with a helping of local sweets and a glass of Raki.
South tourAgain consists five breathtaking stops for swimming with lunch at the 3rd. An extra stop is made at “Georgitsis” cave . This cave is at sea level and therefore we are able to take virtually inside with the boat.This is an ideal opportunity again or photographs and one of the crew will serve local sweets and Raki. The tour ends ten minutes later to the port.
Full tourWhen the weather is fine on both sides of the island, this allows a memorable full round trip of Folegandros. Soon after leaving the harbour you will see the mystical “Chrisospilia” and towards the end the cave of “Georgitsis”. You will still visit five beaches, but this time the stops will consist of a variation of the North and South side
The length of the stops are 30min each for the first and the second, one hour for the 3rd so you can swim and eat lunch on board and the last two stops are 45min each. We take into consideration that after eating some of you may not wish to swim, so the last two stops we make it possible for you to walk ashore via ladders at the front or back of the tour boat. We recommend you take the tour either the first or second day of your stay in Folegandros to experience every part of the island and to help you decide which beaches you may like to revisit during the rest of your holidays.

Agios Georgios

It is a beautiful beach laying on the Northwestern edge of the island. There, are found some little summer houses inhabited until a few years ago by local fishermen, as well as the smaller constructions on the beach called “syrmata” where fishermen used to drag and store their boats. The beach consists of sand and partly of pebbles. A few trees will provide shade to those who will get under first!

ag.georgios beach

Ampeli Beach

A gorgeous beach with lovely waters, rich underwater scenery for diving lovers and a little cave on the left side of the beach. Unfortunatelly, it is small so try setling there early before it is full.

ampeli beach

Livadaki Beach

Marvelous turquoise waters, whitest pebbles and flat limestones around the beach. Often, those flatstones are for many the best place to rest and sunbath.

livadaki beach


One of the most beautiful places to swim! With crystal-clear blue waters and natural beauty that has not been tarnished by Man. The only way to get here and swim is this excursion. Usually lunch here is served on the boat.


Agios Nikolaos

This beach -adored by lots of visitors- lays on the South side of the island. It consists of sand and pebbles and several trees for shade and relax. There are two tavernas where you can have a meal and the picturesque Church of Agios Nikolaos just a few metres above the little dock.

agios nikolaos beach

Katergo Beach

The beloved of many. The longest and nicest beach of the island with tiny pebbles and azure crystalline waters! Swimming here gives a unique sensation due to open sea currents that make these waters crystal clear and chilly. The name derives from the long islet that lays just opposite and looks like the “katergo”, a galley moved by Convicts.

katergo beach

Vorina Beach

No words can describe the waters here! Pictures will help you see the delightful emerald colour. As it is on the Northern side of the island make sure there isn’t a minimum of northern wind before you visit.

vorina beach


In this short stop (weather permiting) you will be given information on this great cavern, while you will be free to observe and / or shooting its big opening located several meters above the sea level. The cave is protected by the Greek Archaeological Service and is not visited.


Cave of Georgitsi

At the end of this magnificent excursion, there is a stop for 10 'in Georgitsis cave. It is a seaside cave with shallow depths and lovely blue waters. The boat enters as far as possible and gives you a beautiful spectacle. At the same time, enjoy a traditional dessert served with raki, closing past the day!

giorgitsis cave


“Hohlidia” in local dialect means pebbles. Although it lays in the bay of Karavostasis next to the island’s port, the beach is definitely suitable for swimming and can be crowded mostly by families. Also, there are some trees offering precious shade.


Agios Nikolaos (κολπίσκος)

The ruins of the old homonymous church that once existed here are now barely visible, atop the steep cliff that meets the deep blue waters of this bay. Do not think twice before diving, since you will not get another chance, as there is no other way to access this place.

giorgitsis cave